My dad had the heartmate 2, too. It's common - 25% LVAD patients get a stroke to some degree (that's what they told us). I was a nervous wreck the whole time he was on the LVAD. To this day, when I hear a beeping noise, even a doorbell, I jump.

He was actually on the transplant list as 1B, but all heart transplant patients get one month on the 1A list and that's when he got a heart. He wasn't on the list for long when he got his heart.

He got the LVAD in Aug 2009, got on the transplant list in April 2010 at 1B. 2 months later they bumped him up to 1A and got a heart weeks after that (about 3-4 weeks) - actually it was the day after his father died, which was very strange and crazy.