ericbnc wrote:

vapeluvr wrote: A couple get banged up on the trip through, and all of them make the trip every minute. Clotting is minimized by IV heparin but eventually you need to replace those red blood cells. Transfusions every other day or daily even depending on the labs.

Yes, he had to take Heparin shots (not IV) for a little while.

As far as transfusions, when you are a transplant candidate, transfusions are only given when absolutely necessary so as to reduce antibodies introduced into your system, which make it harder to find suitable blood for transfusions as well as a donor organ. They would wait until his hemoglobin was at or below 8 before they would order a transfusion.

But he did have his fair share of transfusions. He also had to take other injections to help reduce anemia to help reduce the amount of transfusions he would need.

In fact, even today, he has to get transfusions sometimes due to other medical problems. But it takes a while to match his blood. They have to try to get the "cleanest" blood available. And I don't allow him to get transfusions at the local hospital. I take him to the transplant hospital.

All in all, the heart transplant team managed his situation rather well. But it was a rocky road to travel for a while.

Anyway, enough about this.