The Dvarw MTL FL 24 from KHW Mods is the successor to the popular Dvarw MTL.
This self-winding vaporizer manufactured in Hungary is a pure MTL vaporizer, suitable for traditional vaping (oven pull vaping)

"FL" means "facelift", but the Dvarw MTL FL 22 offers much more than just a facelift:
- Optimized 510 isolator for safe mechanical vaping
- 1.5mm shorter compared to the predecessor
- Peek bell
- smaller evaporator chamber
- offset wire fastening screws
- Improved wire mounts
- 24mm glass tank with 3.5ml tank capacity
- 2 x 2mm AFC insert possible (= 2.83mm)
- shorter tank thread for faster filling
- Viton O-rings
- optionally available with 22mm and 24mm
- Fixed position bell
- Engraved AFC inlays
- Authenticity verification possible online

When delivered, the Dvarw MTL FL comes with a 1.2mm "Airflow Insert", for the classic tight draw resistance. Optionally, additional "Airflow Inserts" can be purchased.
The Dvarw MTL FL is filled from below. Please make sure to turn the evaporator upside down before unscrewing the tank.

The Dvarw MTL FL is made of stainless steel and comes with a glass tank with a 3.5ml tank capacity.

Note on winding: When wrapping, the bell is pulled off the deck. After the Dvarw is wrapped, please pull the cap off the bell, put on the bell and align the liquid holes with the cotton wool. Then seal the liquid holes with the cotton wool and don't forget to put the cap back on the bell.

Note: only the PC and PEI tanks of the Dvarw MTL are compatible with the Dvarw MTL FL. All other parts are not compatible with each other.

This self-winding vaporizer is more suitable for advanced MTL vaporizers.

ATTENTION: This is a self-winding evaporator. It is delivered without winding, this must be done by yourself.

- stainless steel
- Tank sleeve: stainless steel and glass
- Bell: PEEK
- PTFE drip tip

Scope of delivery:
1 x Dvarw MTL FL 24
1 x PTFE drip tip
1 x O-ring replacement kit with replacement screws
1 x Allen key
1 x package leaflet

NOTE: The last airflow insert not have a hole, is for personal measure drilled like