oHUTCHYo wrote:

Is it simply that the cloners have chosen not to release a 24mm MTL variant?

While there is a 24m MTL (authentic), it only has a middling capacity. KHW only offers a 3.5ml version. It has the advantage of being short and fat, but the 22mm version has a greater capacity. The 6ml tank section for the DL has a chimney that's good for DL, but wouldn't be appropriate for MTL (although it might work well for the most-open, not-actually-MTL draw from the largest MTL inserts) - and the chamber cap is a different size as well, so the MTL chamber wouldn't seal to the DL chimney. Making a large-capacity 24mm MTL would mean creating parts from scratch rather than cloning them, and although that wouldn't be a difficult thing, it's not something they tend to do. (Although SXK used to, at least - the "Kayfun Mini V3" Plus - taking the best bits of the Mini V3 and building a full-sized tank around them - and the Kayfun 5 Mini come to mind. Catering to the 1:1 crowd first is probably a priority.)