NEED WEE BIT OF HELP -Shipping liquids
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#1 (permalink)      5/7/2020 9:45:14 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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NEED WEE BIT OF HELP -Shipping liquids
Hi guys long time no chat lol
Anyways here's the issue
I dont order liquids unless for my mum.theres 2 options,
Option 1 ground shipping Kazakhstan 25-55days $3.75
Option 2 ground shipping via China Free
We covid going on which do you recommend as shes kinda desperate and I'm making her some until this order is here
Cheers ๐Ÿ‘
M2mm x 3mm or 4mm - M2.5mmm x 3 or 4mm - M3mm x 3 or 4mm screws /grubs etc for new vapers will be invaluable
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Probably a very long wait for either option. Maybe someone knows a UK supplier?
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Both options are going to involve a bit of hope and luck at the moment. Some "batches" (shipping units, not the juice) will move more quickly than others; some will just sit around waiting for unused transportation room. If your liquids end up batched with stuff that has a real priority attached, you'll get it fairly quickly; if it's in with a lot of "this can wait" stuff, it could be sitting on a way station floor for a long time somewhere along the way.

If there's any way to wean your mum off of the ready-made, this would be a great time to do it. Even with al of the grumbling we all like to do about shipping times and so forth, we've really been enjoying some unreasonable reliability in what turns out to be a very fragile supply chain for the last few years. Stuff from China is cheap and local... tends not to be. DIY mostly fixes that (but you knew that already). It's not until you suddenly can't get the thing you want at the price you want that reality steps in, coughs politely, and announces its presence. If your mum's competent, that ought to be enough. If you're dealing with dementia at any level though, well, you've got some hard work and hard feeling ahead. (I say that as someone who has been through intermittent Parkinson's-associated dementia myself - that's been absolute hell on the people who care about me.)
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Be prepared for a couple of months wait

I placed a large order 18th March including liquid & batteries
Some items delayed, they usually split order when this happens but they didnโ€™t

Eventually dispatch by FastTech on 24th April in 2 separate parcels both on the same day using China Post surface mail as this was the only option I had available at the time of ordering

So far tracking has it moving quickly though China post processing departments and latest says dispatched to UK

So as itโ€™s left the country I am hoping to receive it in the next couple of Weeks ๐Ÿคž

China seems to be moving orders again ( albeit not as quickly as previously) so Might be worth placing an order but source some other liquid locally to keep you going until you receive.
#5 (permalink)      5/7/2020 11:02:44 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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We need airmail shipping options back again.
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If you need a quick supplier in the UK I can recomend either Vapeclub UK or freshmist both are depatching same day at the moment and have always been reliable.
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eBrads just a heads up i recieved a parcel in April China post surface mail, it was despatched in Feb with a totla of 60 days in transit. Hope you a re a bit luckier but think it will be more than a cople of weeks
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Hello Charleygal,

I recently tried Kazakhstan post (to UK) it took two and a half months which was fine for me. Might well be quicker now though but 'desperate' is another matter.
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essellar, damn man sorry to hear you are going through that. I am not good with these things, but I figured I should say something. Always enjoyed having you around! Have always felt like you were very wise, so dementia is a scary thing. My grandmother had dementia, it was awful. Stay well bud!
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Charlygal wrote:

We covid going on which do you recommend as shes kinda desperate and I'm making her some until this order is here Cheers ๐Ÿ‘

As everyone mentions, during the current climate, shipping will take longer than just a wee while. And even if the restrictions and isolations were to end tomorrow, there's going to be an horrendous backlog to work through, so I doubt shipping and delivery will approach anything like normality until well into the Summer.

If I remember rightly, you're on a tight budget. However, it might be worth doing an online scan of UK vendors (many of which are still operating online ordering) to tie your old Mum over for a while.

It's twelve inches long, but don't use it as a rule...
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One UK store with a decent choice is vapeclub (mentioned in an earlier post).
Over 3500 flavours from 250 vape brands.
They also have a sale section with around 50 juices and 40 shortfills for the moment.

An other UK store with a large choice (around 300 brands) I know of is rainbowvapes.
They also have a cheap e-liquid section.

An alternative to ready made liquids are shortfills.
They usually make the resulting liquid a bit cheaper.

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