So damn glad I didn’t buy that mod, would have cost me more money when I had to put a dna60 in myself lol. Almost had me fooled, bastards are getting crafty! If you look at video l linked, around 36 seconds you can see the hands click 5X to turn on mod, even has a custom start screen says “JAKA MODS”, and screen looks very much like a dna 60. I was thinking it was till I saw this post, and relalized DNA don’t turn on/off with 5X like most mods, lol sneaky fucking bastards! Seriously though seems like most good sites tell you straight up authentic evolv, or dna glad I saw this, definitely NOT A DNA, you can tell cause dna auto turn on when you put in a battery, and 5X fire only locks/unlocks(or standby for DNA C’s I guess)Balance mod/”not-a-dna” chip@36seconds