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Who here is an ex smoker that completely quit because of vaping...
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#131 (permalink)      8/31/2020 1:34:44 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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vape8ion wrote:

It isn't about shame, its about influence.

Which was russ,s point !!

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Yes i know it is a double edge sword. I saw others smoking when I was a kid...at 11 years old I wanted to be cool so I started smoking. Today that 11 year old wants to be cool and vaping is cool. The more peers and adults he sees vaping the cooler it must be. The thing to do. Better than smoking? Yep. Better not to at all? Way!

Who supports vaping as a "good" habit? Only fools.
I'm out.....have some fun. Eh?
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As a smoker I always saw it as my right to smoke wherever I saw fit, be it public transport, pubs,cinema or any other public place. Non-smokers in years gone by accepted breathing others smoke without complaint: Why? Sounds crazy now that us smokers could sit next to someone on a aeroplane and choke them out.

I keep my distance nowadays so no one breathes my vape.

The ideal scenario would be the fruits of our loins would never try cigs,vape,drugs etc, but we did so why should our kids not be tempted?

@vape8ion. Rather my kids took to the vape than the stinkies