Bradley77 wrote:

I would just like to congratulate djvillan "CLAP CLAP CLAP" I was just watching a video on youtube that was streamed by jai haze and all of a sudden I hear him say "djvillan blah blah blah i don't know why i un-blocked you in the first place blah blah blah i'm blocking you again" and I start thinking "i recognise that name" lol CLASSIC!!! ............ WELL DONE YOU lol!!! Like you probable know the fat prick can give it out BUT he can't take it .............. the whiney little bitch lol!!! Typical "narcissist" WELCOME TO THE CLUB AGAIN!!! CAUSE I'M ALSO BLOCKED AFTER HE MADE A VIDEO ABOUT PPL CALLING HIM OUT/MAKING COMMENTS ABOUT HIS BITCHING AND ON THE VIDEO HE PUT UP MY COMMENT SAYING: "MOANING JUST TO MOAN IT'S GETTING BORING" lol and i still stand by that!!!WELL DONE!!!

Dude call down your panties, don't get too excited. It's just vaping lol