You may be able to find a Smok RSST out there for next to nothing. It was never expensive, but it was really quite a respectable "classic" genisis atty. Not "wrap your coil wires around two silver wires" classic - it has the usual "screw at the bottom, nuts on the centre post" arrangement for fixing your coil wire - but it wasn't far off the best available at the time, and cost a metric craptonne less than most of them.

And if you have (or are looking at) a boro tank device, there are two other genny bridges as well. The BBGen SKU 9725344 is basically a Nextasis without its own tank, and the (Vapeasy) Grizzly (you'll need to look at other vendors, but since the cloner is Vapeasy, it'll be cheap) manages to put a "classic" genny deck into a boro bridge.