Troepfler wrote:

JayJayMcKlay wrote:
Live in Denmark and can't really find a better place.
42% tax cut is kind of a downer but we are getting something for the money free healthcare, education, general welfare.

Have been living in a couple of countries the only one I liked was a couple of years in Germany/Berlin lower tax greater car but that's about 10 years ago and now I just find them way to pro Bruxelles to my liking so not going anywhere anymore.

And what do you think, is the social security better in Denmark or in Germany, I think they are very close.

I find them very close as well but you will live better in Denmark on social security.
But there is a major difference that social security is for a time in both countries in Germany your on you own until the time is up and then it's just to bad. In Denmark we have a huge department in the state to make sure you will never end up in that situation (times up).
You will end up on reeducation or something but never on the street unless your kind of just give up on the hole race.

In Germany you will allwas have to think about savings and depending on family and stuff if your hitting bad luck in Denmark we think about savings but we think about them for when we are getting old not out of a job.