Need a new Mod, can anyone help?
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#31 (permalink)      4/27/2021 3:45:41 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Yeah, the Hobby community isn't buying regulated mods just to have basically a mech, lol. Vaping 360 is reputable enough...the full output voltage should be around 9 volts. Really like the looks of the Forz, but no longer need any mod at this time. Good choice for the OP, though!
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#32 (permalink)      4/27/2021 3:54:51 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Seriously a single 18650 Eleaf Pico 2 is perfect for MTL.
It's a small box that I use with my kayfun lite 2019 (22 and 24 mm).
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carrion4worm wrote:

OP is right, the only way to really be sure is to open the mod.

I ordered the Grus, it's small, handy, cheap and supports ArticFox. 510 seems ok, but I won't be making any more mistakes going forward, first thing I'll do is open the mod and reinforce the connector. To hell with the warranty.

vapeluvr wrote:

Epoxy to reconstruct it, then drill/tap it will be a better solution, but not permanent, especially if you are constantly making your mods fall over on your desk. But could get another 6-12 months out of it.

Thanks for the tip, but epoxy it's too brittle for such tiny screws and I don't have any handy. I ground down what was left of the screw holes, cleaned everything with isopropanol, primed the plastic with some hot glue, than glued a small saddle of hard wood that fit real tight and screwed everything back. It holds well and since everything is so tight, 2 out of 3 wood split will be held together no matter what. It's no permanent solution, but it'll do while I wait.

#34 (permalink)      5/2/2021 4:24:47 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Aegis Solo. I vape MTL at 14 watts, 3000mah battery lasts all day.

I work in Construction, it gets a hard life.

Very durable, will 💯 standup to drops and any rough treatment.

3 screws in the 510, chip set gives everything you need, fires quick, accurate ohms, battery insert door is durable screw type, comfortable in hand.

Only negative things really is the colour wears away over time on the coloured trim around the leather section and the rubber that is the seal that gives them their IP67 rating, is a little catchy in your pocket.

But it won't break.
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