carrion4worm wrote:

A old trick us handymen types use is to use short lengths of toothpicks (or wood slivers), insert them inside the screw holes, put it together, and screw it down. If done right, the screws will bite into the wood, filling the hole and making it tight upon assembly.

Stiil, you need a new mod, so buy a really expensive rare mod, that way you'll never ever drop it.

That's usually a good trick when the screw hole is merely stripped, but at least one has vertical split cracks. This dowel rod method will only obliterate what's left of it as soon as you screw into the wood.

Epoxy to reconstruct it, then drill/tap it will be a better solution, but not permanent, especially if you are constantly making your mods fall over on your desk. But could get another 6-12 months out of it.