No I don't own it.
Testing on this mod was done with Sony VTC5A batteries. For listed specs, I could only find max watts which was 80. I wish they would list all three (watts, volts, and amps). Just listing watts is kind of short-selling themselves, as their specs are great.

During my testing, the max achieved wattage was 83, so a good rating at 80 watts on this device. The amp limit I got was 29, which is average for a single-battery mod these days. The average is around 30 give or take a couple of amps. The volt limit I got with a 0.62-ohm coil was 7.153 volts, which is great and shows it has a boost circuit like all single battery mods should. The mod adjusts in 0.5-watt increments which is great. Glad they did away with the 0.1 increments.