Ible_ wrote:

Right? A regulated 22mm tube mod ~70mm in height, replaceable 18650, simple control for voltage. I'd buy a dozen.

+15-20mm length on the 18 series cells, i'm up for 350,500,650 all of them if it's efficient
+15-20mm on the 21700s
This should be easily achievable. Think how tiny an Ego battery PCB is - early versions of it had 3.3v PWM mode. All we need is stronger MOSFETs. For me a fixed voltage would be fine, i'll just coil to it. If we could have a slight variation say the nominal output voltage is 3.1v but it can be varied between 3.0 and 3.2 in 0.01 increments that'd make it possible to retune for a slightly out coil.. even if if it was a bit of a process to do...
Give us a 2 colour LED that lights up 1 colour when firing normally, and a different colour in the last 20% of the charge say 25-45% SOC
All we need. I don't think i'd buy a dozen but maybe 5 or 6

something for 14500 too?