BP gets in on the highly popular Boro bridge market with this super complete kit. As long as you've got a boro compatible mod and a strip of muji, you are set! Airflow has a wide range, with 7 pins ranging from 1mm to 3.5mm, in .5mm increments. Small Claptons will fit up to 2.5mm, and a .35 Clapton and .7 round single wire coil are included.

Tons of cotton "weep" pads are included, and fit into the gasket underneath, which also has an extra included. In fact, everything is plentiful, silicone gaskets, O-rings, grubs and even a spare insulator....a very complete package for the money, with excellent machining and presentation to boot....

There may be no jfc, but this bridge does offer some innovation of sorts. The bridge is removable from the acrylic tank, and the included sleeve adapter allows the Pioneer to be fitted in a traditional, sliding glass Boro....very nice touch. This device also includes a front air slot for delros, etc. And has nice, tasteful laser engravings sprinkled around.

Flavor is great, much like you would expect from this style bridge. I find it easily equal to the best existing bridges, with my normal juice. Just coiled it today, but no leaks or problems....a far cry from my LinkD experience.

More later, vape on!