steamer861 wrote:

How is it with the "Condensation" My Boro's all swet & make a mess of juice all inside my BB :( I'v basically stopped using it because of it :( I'v even tried the bottom plastic piece with the cotton circle, it helps a bit, but still a mess :(
I would be real interested in a Boro alternative that Didn't Swet/condensate!

All enclosed Boro type devices will trap condensation, its unavoidable. If you live in a dry arid place it may not be so bad but I've given up on them as the average humidity is high where I live and I was getting frustrated with having to remove the tank after vaping a few ml and wipe away the excess condensation, which was causing connectivity problems and fluctuating ohm readings. This wasn't juice leaks - purely condensation caused by the tank heating and cooling.

The cotton pads will help reduce it, but you will have to replace the pads frequently.