After 5 refills, condensation is low...but it exists. The cotton pad I installed on day 1 is still not saturated, as I've had no leaking problems at all with this bridge kit. the light moisture build-up was enough to tint the pad darker, but there is no real "wetness" to speak of...

This will probably ruffle some old timer feathers, but most severe moisture is leaking, not condensation. There is a difference between vape juice, and moisture from consensation. True condensation will be thin and more watery than pure, uncooked vape juice.

If your wicking is perfect for the chosen bridge, usually condensation only becomes a problem after several tanks of juice. If you immediately, half a tank in, have liquid coating your entire boro recess, you've got a leaky build, and it needs more cotton, or a seal is broken, not allowing the air to pressurize and hold in the juice.

ALWAYS store your filled boros upright for 10 mins or so, BEFORE installing...that way, leaks are pin-pointed before the boro is installed, avoiding the confusion of "which is which"...with a .65 or higher build, I've found I can vape for days with next to no condensation, as the low heat/ ample airflow mixture is perfect.