Smallest, lightest dual-18650 mod?
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#61 (permalink)      11/7/2021 2:02:04 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I feel like the first Smok products were built pretty well cube 2 was spotty, but tree box, koopor, R200 was good. Then you got into like a 3rd generation where they had issues. TFV8 era of mods quality started to go down, which was kind of when they had there most success too, maybe supply and demand was tough on them production wise... T-priv, G-priv, and alien where when I recall the issues time period, oh and the skyhook? There RDTA box mod. Sound right to you DJ?

No clue how they are now, from the sounds of things they are doing better.

I really loved the alien 220 hand feel that mod was perfect with the large fire bar, ergonomically my favorite mod of all time. They should remake that and fix whatever the issues were. Or whatever sell them for 20.00 and Ill gladly take 5 of them.
#62 (permalink)      11/7/2021 2:23:58 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I have one of those skyhooks and no issue whatsoever although i read about a lot of issues. Just lucky for once.
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$0.50 rebate earned
Av got two Skyhooks sittin in a box Phil
they were great tae start with, large tank capacity
first one started leakin out the battery door, from the inside after 3 mths use

Second one lasted a month longer and went the same way
Av had loads o Smok products and I think that was the worst one av had
No got any real complaints about anythin else o theirs

a gave this away to a mate 2 yrs ago (Smok R150, bought in 2017)

the picture was taken a couple o weeks ago

it's a brick that's still workin
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The lightest dual 18650 mod I had was the iPV V3 and the iPV V3 Li.

One of the best "Box mods" out there that is an actual box shape. xD
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+1 details

I have no idea if it has step-up so if that's important to you, research it.
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#66 (permalink)      11/18/2021 1:04:54 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I've checked out loads of reviews when i've tried to find out the voltage output of a device - not one of the reviewers ever mentioned it. If it's not printed on the manufacturers paperwork then you have to assume there's no step-up.
It took a while but i am now certain that all reviewers are either shills or charlatans :)
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