carrion4worm wrote:

That's not what the industry calls "build quality"... One employee slacks off/ fucks up on one mod and it's bad build quality, and/or an epidemic? Don't know if you have any real proof to your claim, but I'd take a look at it....An anomaly is not bad build quality, it's poor assembly.Smok sells so many more mods than everyone else, of course there would be more complaints....just like there are many, many satisfied customers - who are out there vaping, not making a peep.Every Smok mod I've ever bought still works. Sure, a little is luck of the draw, but I can't say that about my mountain of broken Sigelei mods(more recent ones), or the tons of crappy "one-off" mods I've bought over the years, like Vapelustion, Artic Dolphin, or VapeCige, to name a few....A better thing would be to value the weight of people's opinions you can trust: If you don't wanna believe me (and I know you don't, lol), ask DJ...he has one as well it seems.EDIT: How could I have forgotten the king of duds, Wismec (and associated brands, but mainly Wismec)??? I've got 1 working mod from them - they die off faster than tse tse flies, and are just as sickness inducing, lol.

I can only speak from personal experience, which when it comes to Smok, hasn't been positive - and from the fact that many vape stores in the UK refuse to stock Smok products because of the high failure/return rate. When people who make their living from vaping products categorically state they are shoddy the problem is obviously endemic.