cmj55 wrote:

@Troepfler, are you using magnets in the SMPL switch? I've made SS springs for mine which imo improve conductivity.

The 3 copper SMPLs in test now have all the screws and magnets.
But I have others with circlips, I think they have springs.

With a simple Ohm-Meter I had on all 3 about 0.5 Ohms
between the pressed switch head and the tube.
(battery IN and a dummy atty).
But these simple Ohm-Meters are not very exact.

I still think, the problem are these notches/teeths,
they should switch the current mainly.

And I still think what happens on battery plus with these black dots,
will similar happen on a brass to brass switch,
thats perhaps the reason why they have silver or gold plated switches.

First I will try now with vinegar.
Now with 0.33 Ohms the mods stay cold,
I will coil them to 0.20 Ohms to see which part of the mod gets hot.