zarck wrote:

0.5ohm seems a bit high, my copper SMPL clone with spring gives 0.0-0.1ohm for the button and 0.0-0.1ohm for the mod from top to bottom. which would read as around 0.05ohm +-0.05ohm. My multimeter is in the lower professional grade.

Because to measure small Ohms is difficult, I changed to measure volts.
On 3 SMPLs battery voltage was 4.00 Volts (0 to 20 Volts range),
with the switch in row it was the same.
(but this was without load).
I only use small used LG MH 10A flat top.
Sometimes I get the contact (Edit: with some and few mods), sometimes not, even with Nemesis.
2 older Panasonic heavy used PF 10A do not show this and hit harder.
Very strange.
Perhaps a button top is better for a hybrid mod, or LG has a problem?
New Samsung 29E will arrive in 3 days.