Troepfler wrote:

32 Watts are 14.3% more than 28 Watts with the right battery, right?
And Mooch shows on
Molinel P26A is the best choice.

the Molinel is not listed.
Where I can find something similar to dampfakkus on Moochs website?

25 Amps batteries are used in power tools with a high start drain.
Same like mech mods.
Should we use only 20 Amps plus batteries for mech mods?

Yes, something like 14.3% or so for the first hit. And even more for the second (as you see the first battery also has a way steeper curve down to being discharged).

I really don't follow mooch as much as I probably should (as I tend to look at datasheets instead, and they are not always that correct when it comes to the way vapers use the cells. Wich is the point where mooch shines the most).

Haven't heard of dampfakkus prior to this, although they do have the P26A in their system, just no data on the currents that you can compare in the page you linked.

(and your link with molicel p26a)

Not sure that you can make that generalization, But it's probably a good rule of thumb to not even look at cells below 20A (unless you really want to and perhaps find the magic cell that contradicts the fact) and then compare on a case by case basis (or follow moochs recommendations).