Troepfler wrote:

Thanks for explaining.
My view was, Amps destroy switches and not Watts.
And sorry, I still believe that.

We need an electrical specialist who tells us the whole story.

The intensity peak is proportional to the power, especially at start-up.The amperage of the current will be the highest, because it has gone from zero to one. it can double or triple just at that moment, and return to its initial consumption of the resistor once its inertia is established. For example, the three-phase eclectic motors at the time of their starting pass from "star" to "delta" mode in less than a few seconds because in star mode, it consumes less and once the motor is started, it passes to delta mode. This is a way to avoid a big consumption (so a way to reduce the amperage at high power). as on the trains, once started, they consume less when they are at cruising speed.

in fact the question is what would be the mechanical mod that has a switch capable of handling the high power peak? Or how to reduce this peak at the time of pressing?