Troepfler wrote:

4.49 EUR:
and they have still to sell 1018 peaces.

My question was, does we can compare on mooch batteries website same like on dampfakkus?
Dampfakkus has only two of the mooch best mech mod batteries and only with a drain of 5A in their list:
Easy to see, moochs Samsung 25R is the second best after moochs Sony VTC5A ,
same on his website.
(the other 3 are the batteries which I use).

The graphic shows, there are 2 or more better batteries than which I use.
If the price is OK, why not buy the better battery?

Years ago I was thinking about springs and magnets,
but I dont think the main current is on the spring/magnet.
With 12A on the spring, your spring would glow.

You are correct... if you vape at 5A, but as you saw when you expanded the curves to higher current they start to act very different from each other at the higher amperage. That's because the batteries with higher storage are built with thinner material (which also gives higher internal resistance).

And yes, that's not the purpose of the spring that I'm referring to. If the spring is stiff and well it will move the pin that connects to the negative pole in a straight manner and also lands flat and allows for current to flow all over at once. if the pin is just slightly tilted, the current will start at one of the sides and you might not even get it to land flat on the pole.