Troepfler wrote:

Crispycritters wrote:
You may have problems with the length of protected batteries
Yes, this is the question, which mech mods accept 18690 ?
I still have 3 telescoping Pisces mods build in 2013, later the name was Kylin.
Very nice looking tube mods, they accept 18700, A ... a still offers them if you buy 5.
And there are also PCB 18690 with 15Amps, Ke ... er with 2600/3000/3120 mAh,
base is Sony Konion, LG or Samsung.
The industry should close now the chapter of non protected mech mods,
the solution is a chip- or a PCB protected tube mech mod.

I suppose when it comes to batteries there are winners and losers, the manufacturers really have to cater for sizes that are readily available to maximise sales.

The Serisvape Bathala is telescoping and will take 18650 to 21700 so the sizes you mention should be ok.

I think you are forgetting that many mech users like pure mechs with no electronic interference, it would be good if there was more choice and availability of basic protection chips and suitable tubes - but not at the cost of abandoning pore mechs. Closing a chapter before it has finished doesn't make good business sense.