Troepfler wrote:

Troepfler wrote:My first new 21700 pure mech mod: Vindicator SKU 9695216 FT price 17$ Old style RDA SKU 9629096 FT price 6.15$ The 21700 Molicel P42A, cheap.Total: 23.19$.

Vindicator, Hippo and P42A arrived,
very nice and very hard hitting, not too heavy,
SMPL with Derringer and battery is 145gr,
Vindicator with Hippo and 21700 battery is 234gr.
But the Vindicator switch spring is too strong,
perhaps OK with the right hand,
but with the left hand it is difficult.
Tried to open the switch to exchange the spring,
but no way to open the switch.
Is the thread left or right?
Perhaps I should cook this switch in oil?
Or try with Ice Spray?
Now I have glued a "buffer stopper" to the switch,
that makes switching more easy,
but this is not the solution.

Edit: this is the switch: