I would have suggested the Golden age ended about 2 years ago and that it is now a bit more commercial with all the pod devices for the masses.

Just came across this page. LOL. 1st Online Vape Museum

This was my first device, INNOKIN ITASTE EP
We have come a long way since then but I cant personally imagine better flavour than I have already.

For myself, I think it all began to end about the same time as squonks became quite popular only because upcoming innovation wasn't directed towards my vaping tastes, such as pods. That, the pandemic, restrictions, anti vape rhetoric all adds up after a time.

Havent used nicotine for a long time now. Apathy towards vaping set in some time ago but I consider that a healthy progression towards being free of both the smoking addiction as well as the addiction vaping created. Buying so many unnecessary devices.

Apathy = no longer having the time to look up new devices, or often the energy to follow through and buy one that might appeal to me.