carrion4worm wrote:

We do have to be willing to expand our horizons a bit, nothing ever stays completely the same. I'm happy with less, more refined gear choices, like we have now...just support your local cloner, because we can't afford to lose any more!

I'm afraid we'll lose a lot more of them.

I always used to think we needed better starter kits, so that more people would vape, and then automatically more people would move on from that, into the hobby side of things.

But the entry-level gear has gotten so damn good, that there's really no 'moving up' anymore. I started my hobby journey with a Kayfun Lite and an Istick. Every $20 pod system out there now, gives a better, more consistent, more flavorful vape. For my own fun, I vaped a simple Voopoo V.Thru pod and a Kayfun Lite 2020 side by side, and the Voopoo pod wins that, easily.

I thought I had lost interest in vape gear, but it's mostly me not finding a better vape anymore. I get a more pleasant vape from a Vaporesso 0.6 GTX coil, than from a Dvarw or a Citadel. Esselar's right, this is the golden age of vaping, because it has never been easier to get a fantastic, flavorful vape.

Maybe modders can survive if they get into the pod market. I believe it was SXK who started first with the Billet tanks for various stock coils, that may have very well been the thing that will save modders.