I think companies have scraped the idea of affordability and chosen to portray themselves as high end. I've never seen so much bollocks written up about mods and tanks. Loads of "high end" companies teaming up to make tanks and mods that are effectively clones of other products. Last two clones I bought are my daily drivers I'm not interested in millionth aspire team up. Why would you buy the kumo when you can buy a cabeo clone?

Billet box Boro tanks or whatever there called that bp and other companies have banged out are ridiculous I mean 60 fucking dollars for what ? An rta in a plastic tank ? Give me a fucking break, no wonder people buy pods.

The last thing I saw that was moderately interesting was the abyss aio but my only interest in it is to use it as a side by side cause why the fuck would you risk flooding out the chip so you can put a bridge in for how much it costs?

I think my main selling points on gear for me now is longevity and protections when it comes to mods and a solid base with no AFC and plenty of replacement tank options for rta's. Solid bases are the only thing I've seen that makes a dent in tank condensation getting into the 510.

Basically the only thing golden is the dollar lining wejoytechs pockets. SEND IN THE CLOOOOONES!