I read your products and think "...but BVC coils suck ass"...so I hope, in the interest of quitting smoking, that you take the above advice for some newer, better gear. Stuff is cheap these days, and far better than what you have, IMO.

My most sincere advice: Stop with the tobacco flavors...they are the link to your old life, the one you are trying to leave behind.

Also, buy quality juice instead of mixing your own. Its hard to find that "first" good flavor to kick with, but I suggest bakery flavors, maybe with a hint of your favorite fruit "filling". Loading up on nicotine justs pushes you back into smoking - I buy 6ml, and add nicotine to make my juice 8mg.

Ideas only: these worked for me, and I have no desire to even light a cigarette, 8 years or so...

EDIT: And never believe in the myth of "40 amp" 18650s...there are recent 30 amp cells, but your vape time will suffer, as they are around 2000mah. Good, safe choices are sold by brand names Molicell, Sony, Samsung, or LG. anything else is just a label.