Well im happy with my equipment, but i cant buy the exact anymore for the wife. I have bought the Nautilus mini for now, but already i can see the problems i dont have with my fasttech bought copy, the air control adjust is very bad, i dont think its stainless like mine, i did break mine apart and rebuild with bits from fasttech, the tank is a ss scroll metel coverd, i could never get the glass tube out, guess a special tool. The old battries are no longer available, 3500ma 40A Imren think they called, i have 1 left, Amazon sells 3000ma 35A efest, i bought 2 for now, but since uk post wont touch them difficult to buy.

Well i thought since i need to buy a good tank i might as well buy the latest model, like i said i bought the Nautilus mini and its not the quality im use too, very hard to get apart to fill, remember i want my wife to be able to do it all herself, just read the box, it says the Nautilus is made by Eigate, not what i thought it was, probably why im disappointed. I also had a good tank called Triton, it was also good. Anyway this tank will do for now, so not worth buying those new coils, im thinking fasttech might stop selling the ones ive bought for years. I use to rebuild them too, just for fun, getting that thin felt type strip back in was a nightmare, but coil easy, still got the mini blow torch.

I did make lots of horizontal coils, even the desposable catomizers I re built

So right now i need battries, the Imren are very good, but cant find them anymore, and do not know anything about other 40A 3500ma if still avaable, use to last me almost a week i think.

Ive got some new tips coming, new sylicon tank seals, mine is looking dirty, and some 10ml bottles, aaaggghhh threw out 50 or more and 30ml and 50ml hard work starting again.

Made my own magnetic mixer, it was great, pvc magnet and the rest i made myself, loved the whirlpool mix :) i got nothing right now.

Im on cell phone right now so will check out those links on pc later, thanks.

So what good battries to buy on here, much cheaper than uk prices.

I had stopped vaping 3 years, and the last year no nicotine at all, i didnt need it, still hard to put vape down. This time around im going to get into the habit of putting the vape down for 30 min, i was smoking up until few days ago 40 per day of roll ups, Holborn yellow, stopped buying junk from corner shop, this stuff is £15 for 30g so another good reason to stop again. Now i have lots of medical test instruments, im a tecno freak, so i could see my oxygen level in blood was around 90% and after i starting vaping it went up to 94% right now its around 89% and im starting to get c.o.p.d, so last ditch attempt to live a bit longer...

But im very fussy, i forget how many tanks i bought, the first was a Kanker, but later bought a top fill tank from on here. But cloud chaising at that time just for fun...

I made a mix of 10mg nicotine, made a huge cloud but almost chocked to death, ok so i learned the hard way. Took days to recover from that and i read up a lot after...

So guys, how about battries, there use to be a uk ebay guy called torchy, the battery boy, just like the kids animation... But he use to buy and test them all, but not around anymore, IMR naturally, and would like much more than i would ever need, then i think better quality, thats why i wrote 3500ma and 40A, lots of 35A around 3000ma,my Imren is still working well after all these years, just noticed its 3000ma

Thanks all, i will read it all better on laptop later.

oh yes, im using pepermint, never liked the wifes menthol filters, but a weak pepermint is just fine, I dont do silly favours anymore. and the good thing is, its what the wife uses now, and soon to be banned, we got out of EU but some of its law still filters through maximum of 10ml eliquid, tamper proof vape mods and more.