WelshKingJohn wrote:


Lots of things wrong then, well BVC work great for me, and did so for many years, and my own mix is my personal adjusted 100 times, not like the fixed junk in the ready made bottles that your stuck with.

Never had any problems with tested battries, nobody would say they are 40A, but thats on the label to look for, if they turn out to be 35A so what, better than buying a 35A and its ony 30A?

If you have a juice that you sincerely are happy with, go for it! I personally haven't ever been able to replicate my favorite, top-shelf juices, but again, I can only give my experiences, and those close to me.

There are no battery makers names Imren or E-Fest, that's the point I was making. Those are "mystery" cells that the REAL manufacturers sell cheaply when they don't pass quality control - TRUE STORY. Any old guy with a printer can print labels with inflated specs to "fool" consumers into thinking they've bought quality cells, when nothing could be further from the truth. There are very few battery makers (listed above), and they have specs and data sheets available, and are first quality.

not that 7 watts(or similar low wattage) will push almost any cell to failure...but I want to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions. Also, regulated mods do tend to be much safer to use with low- quality cells...I know, I used to do it, too!

Good luck, and indeed, it will be MUCH easier if the BOTH of you commit to quit together. Worked pretty well for me and the wife, so "happy endings" are possible.