Okay. Here in the US, Amazon, eBay, and all major retailers have banned vaping supplies.. Then of course all major couriers have banned the transport of them. It is what it is.

Then recently I've been getting life insurance junk mail from different places, probably because of my age.

In the past they discriminated against smokers, usually calling it 'tobacco use'. I can't necessarily argue with that..

But now they've changed the wording to 'nicotine use', and almost double the monthly premiums. Huh?

Up until two years ago I was smoking cigarettes, and now I'm a WHOLE lot healthier since my switch to vaping.

Now, I know that insurance is one of the biggest rackets of all time, and they write rules (sometimes through Congress or state) to fit their needs, leaving us all struggling with laws and payments...

But what about medicinal use? Pharmaceutical nicotine is widely used to promote mental acuity, especially with alzheimer's or dementia patients. Those are the 2 top uses, but there are many more. It's been proven safe many times over the last 60 years or so.

Do the life insurance companies double the premiums, or worse yet refuse to pay out when the patient is prescribed pharmaceutical grade nicotine? The same stuff that's used in e-liquid?

My first thought is a class action lawsuit, but then that would be like going up against a big crime boss with unlimited funds.

Have the life insurance companies become prejudiced against vapers around the world?