Any old model mods or other old vaping gear you'd like to have an updated version?
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#111 (permalink)      2/23/2022 2:29:13 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Still.Me wrote:

dub09 wrote:
I'd prefer the Goliath v1/v2 over the Bellus.

Loved the Goliath v1 & v2. I believe it was the Bellus I went to afterward??!!

In any event its been so long since I have vaped on the Goliath that I would have to try it against the Bellus today in order to compare honestly.

For myself, the QP Fatality 25 offers that same thick dense vape. No doubt as Eternal Spline suggests, so does the Aromamizer v3.
I have just moved away from bottom airflow to top so the QP Fatality 25 gives me that thick dense vape at home but I am 99% top airflow so never went with the Aromamizer.

Not sure if it was a remade Goliath v1/v2 to accommodate pre-built coil heads, but that was what I remember back then. I still remember my Goblin OG since I can't vape gumbuster KF's, Goblins were the damn best RTA I had back then til the Cthulhu RTA happened...

Smoking is Dead, Vaping is the Future, and the Future is Now... So I will ask a percentage of your sales for each device review I do.
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I used to love my hexohm clones and DIY mod chips is there anything like the old school box mods left ??