I'll probably be alone on this, but the TFV-18, with the excellent Wotofo RBA was the highlite for me. Swing top fixed, with the lock it should always have had, great capacity, and no leaking ever. Not on it's side, or in a pocket, and no real effort to wick. A nice plus is it accepts most of the huge acrylic tanks from my old TFV-12, making it the first atomizer that I can take with me for 12 hours, and not need batts or juice.

And the flavor is great, with both the factory coils, and the RBA. I was looking to replace my mesh tanks, but the 18 has almost made me forget about them. With 3 of them, and 4 RBAs, and over a week and a half without needing to be rewicked, as opposed to every day or 2 before, they are what I vape 90% of the time.