blackhack wrote:

Just got myself a series mech mod and I need some advice on coils.I usually vape around the 60 watt mark @ 0.2 ohms and I tried that with one of my "One" RTA'S and all it did was burn up the cotton...qWhat prebuilt coil would give me the same type of vape that I'm used to ??

Its late in EU, but:
W = U x I
I = U / R
W = U x U/R, = (4V x 4V) / by 0.2 Ohms = 80 Watts.
You run your existing mod with 80 Watts and not with 60 Watts.
Is that right?

To run batteries in series is an other story,
depends the coils are in series or parallel or single.

Add Edit: e.g. a single coil with series batteries for 80 Watts:
80W = 8V x I
I = 80W/8V = 10 Amps
R = U/I = 8V/10A = 0.8 Ohms for a single coil.