Some of you REALLY don't know what a series build is, huh? Okay, for the few of you copy/pasting, save your time. A "series" build is simply a build that works well in a series mech configuration. That's it. No math, no computations, nothing special needed.

Most vapers agree that anything below .35 is simply too harsh, and too "rowdy" to be enjoyable when batteries are run in series, so .35 has become the "default" minimum for Cloud blowing mech series vapers...for as long as I've been vaping.

Most tend to err on the side of comfort, so I tend to use .4 as my standard. But anyone who's ever vaped series mechs , like Philip, or me, know that already, and want OP to get the info simply and correctly.

There's no secret formula, a .4 will be just fine. If not comfortable for the user, they can build higher next time.