carrion4worm wrote:

21700 mechs: Bestia is on the left, a ShenRay clone -21700.

Perfectly safe in pocket, BY ITSELF. Firm, but not uncomfortable, press. Hits harder than many 100.00+ mechs, including giving the SUI-SIDE a run for the money (on right).

Look, I know the SMPL has fans, but realistically, it's nostalgia and comfortability more than performance and ease of use...and Bestia 21700 mods were 9.99 for MONTHS at the other vendor, and now they're gone...but 2 friendly guys have deals on tubes all the time. Better quit stalling, because they aren't really making new ones, and once remaining stock is gone....they're gone.

Will vapers who use high resistance atties notice SMPL volt drop? Not likely, as the high resistance already changes perception of what a "strong hit" is. But sag, and a consistant vape, is always desirable, regardless of vaping "style". That's why stainless tubes have always been a "black sheep", and rightfully so, IMO.

I was slow off the mark and missed out on the copper, but the brass version is still pretty good. I don't trust the side fire bar in my pocket (but like you said it needs a fairly firm press) but I've loosened off the battery contact and pocket carried it a few times.

I think I should order a spare or two while they are still available.