C4W changes his posts and his criteria, to the point it is hard to care about looking for a now surely changed original argument. I have read along for awhile occasionally, not followed it to the letter, as I find it hard to care at all. It is hands down the most hair splitting waste of time I have seen in a long time.

Here is what I have seen: C4W has continually come back and rammed his argument along with Crispy, no matter what the original conversation is that is currently happening. There is seemingly no escaping it and C4W's endless BS about it. He attempts to taunt him, Crispy responds just like he has here, very logically and with decency. C4W accuses him of all sorts of tantrums and Crispy sits back and reiterates his side of it.

That was happening in a post Crispy was having a conversation in, and C4W ruined it, so Crispy had enough of his crap and took it to the vape porn thread.

Personally I don't really think right or wrong matter because this is so trivial and stupid, but I think Crispy wins the argument because he is right about the only way any of this could matter. Even if C4W's original phrasing was this or that in the first original argument, that way is not how anyone ever wraps a coil, and is pretty useless for anything to do with vaping. It leans more to maybe doing electrical work.

Unfortunately I don't think right or wrong matter any more, and C4W is just going to keep on with this BS. If not now, in a week or a month, or whenever he decides he wants to rehash it AGAIN. Pretty pathetic, you can really see why his life sucks. I mean he has allot of vape gear at least I guess for people that care about that being a measure of anything quality or not in your life. Yes mostly clones, but still if people care enough about that, then he has value.