Again, you are making "he said, she said" statements.

You went to the trouble of going back to the original thread to link those amazing pics of you proving something not actually related to the argument we had.

I am categorically stating you are lying to save face. The original argument was caused by you stating it is impossible to add a wrap to a pre-made coil. You want to carry on with this stupidity as you know everyone is bored with it and cannot be bothered to check.

If you want to continue with this - LINK THE THREAD AND STOP THIS BULLSHIT. Don't keep creating new realities because you believe nobody will look back and check

If you want to continue this, just link the thread, and do not take random soundbite style quotes and present them out of context. - if you do anything else and keep re-writing history to keep this argument alive, I will move back to the vape porn thread and repeat my statement that rather than fighting and lying I want you to link the thread.

I am sick to the back teeth of you dredging up this old argument and lying your ass off about what happened - purely for the annoyance factor, either move on or link the thread - or we go back to the Vape Porn thread.

Don't cry "play fair" when you are actively lying your ass off.