When somebody, anybody - can make a spot-on Dinner Lady "Strawberry Macaroon" clone, I'd consider it!

The fact is, for me, convenience isn't what matters. Price isn't what matters. TASTE is what matters to me, and while I can muddle up some decent juice with simple recipes, some I cannot.

I can cook a pretty decent Rib-eye, but I like Roadhouse/ Outback even better, ya know? Everyone has different motivations/ reasons, and since I don't see much of FT's users in Vaping groups elsewhere, I have to assume people shop/ congregate here in large part due to financial reasons/ price. That's the boon of mixing your own, once you have the basics - saving money over 15.00 100ml bottles online/ 25.00 B&M. Do I make juice worthy of selling? Probably not, but luckily with Facebook we Americans can bypass the "Pact" Act, and order large amounts from others that ARE good juice makers, without the taxation or shipping hassles.

In the USA, Nicotine is becoming harder to get without a business license. Online companies are forced to sell other products to survive - has anyone been to 8Vape lately? LOL, it's a far cry from their heydey, for sure. Folks that previously relied on Mail Order will have to buy in person, mix, or make friends with Juice Makers.

Good Quality, cheap/bulk FB juicemakers: Fat Rabbit, EVC, ModBros., Bubbling Cauldron, Pirate's Cove....there's a ton!