Not much better here.

I have long made my own e-juice because I don't like sweetener that comes in retail juice. Any cloned recipes I have made that do require it I either leave it out or substitute with marshmallow.

It's not about money. I spent far more on DIY flavours, hundreds, likely half of which I used once and threw out than I ever would have done on retail juice. I never bothered with 10ml flavours but minimum 30 ml-60ml.

In the end, I found 95% of the clone recipes out there did not hit the mark. Always seemed to be something missing. Found one DIY recipe 5-6 years ago I still make to this day but eventually just moved to a couple of OneShots I knew were not sweetened but even then, again, I found 95% of them lacking.

By that time, I no longer got excited by new flavours.

Did buy my partner one particular retail e-juice for 7+ years but the person making them appears to have passed away a few months ago so I had to switch him over to a Churro one shot that seems to do the trick.

After several years at this I cant imagine getting excited by new clones, flavours any longer but I still have about 150 ml of the 100mg nic in my freezer as my partner uses 2ml in his bottles.

Went into one of the most popular vape stores here in Toronto last month just to pick up a bottle of VG I needed. Hadn't been in in close to 2 years and it used to be packed solid. The vape clouds were so thick you could barely see in front of you.
Not one person was in the store. Only one staff member when they used to have at least 4-5 every day.