I dabbled with DIY juice making for a while and found that although I can make juice that is OK, I've never yet managed to make a juice that is comparable to the best commercially available juices.

As I'm in the UK we currently don't have any flavour bans and the only real restriction we have is we cant buy nic over 20mg (unless you have a registered business) and juice containing nic can't be sold in bottles larger than 10ml - but that's fine for MTL as MTL juices are sold for 3 for £10 everywhere and for DL juice 50 to 100ml 0mg shortfills and nic shots are £8 to £15 it doesn't make any sense to DIY.

It seems a false economy to me to spend loads looking for the best performing vape gear and ultimate flavour atomisers and then fill up with mediocre juice - I'd rather economise by buying clone atties.

Things seem OK in the UK at present, but nothing lasts forever and I think we will eventually face the same problems as the US, but until we do I'll carry on buying the good stuff.