ppeeble wrote:

The only problem with buying pre-made liquid is that you have to buy a LOT of crap flavours before you can find one that works for you. I remember back in the day buying 10ml bottles at £5.00 a pop. Once you've spent a couple of hundred pounds on bog-standard one or two flavour mixes then DIY seems like a no-brainer.
And why do manufacturers call liquids things like 'the toad's gonads' - just list the feckin flavours.
Admittedly there are some liquids i can't replicate - i love donuts being a good example - but most are just a couple of fruits, some ethyl maltol and a bit of cream/custard/yoghurt etc.

The simple answer to juices with obscure meaningless names is simply not to buy them, if you have no idea of the flavour what's the point? Juice was relatively expensive back in the day, but that was a long time ago - now you can buy high quality 100ml juices with nic shots for £15 at any high street shop or for around £10 online. I bought 6 100ml bottles of Just Jam flavours for £8 each this afternoon from an online UK seller - its simply not worth mixing your own at that price.