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It's cool you believe what you want... Funny how the two parties have been in charge for hundreds of years yet here we are... Also amazing looking at the financials of the congress critters... They all appear to be doing very well off the corporations...
Yes, they are doing "well" as you say. There are some that claim to want to change this (50/60% of Dems) , and others *(almost the entire GOP) that unapologetically want to maintain that "status quo" you mentioned...I just heard you earlier in this very thread complain about this ":status quo", yet you advertise brazenly the group that is most likely to KEEP THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE.

And again this sums up what you are missing... "They want to change" You believe that yet somehow they just can't get it done and you believe that... If they really wanted it done it would be law somehow you don't believe that...

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) joined fellow Missourian Sen. Josh Hawley (R) in pushing for a ban on insider trading in Congress.

Hartzler introduced the “Banning Insider Trading Act” on Wednesday, stating, “It’s past time for Congress to crack down on this potential corruption.”

Democrats in the Senate also introduced a ban on insider trading. Sens. John Ossoff (GA) and Mark Kelly (AZ) put forward similar legislation. Ossoff and Kelly’s bill would go one step further by prohibiting dependent children of lawmakers from trading stock, according to Axios.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been pressured in recent weeks to support a ban on insider trading. Last month, she said members “should be able to” trade stock. Days later, reports surfaced of Pelosi’s husband trading large amounts of assets. And on Thursday, Pelosi stated she is open to the idea of legislation banning the practice for members of Congress.

Yet they are still trading...