Prices Unbelievably Low?

Staff Relax Zone
All prices are real, and shipping is free

Ssh, don't tell anyone:
  • We are efficient. FastTech is made up by a down to earth, hardworking team. We know what we do and, we don't add unnecessary costs to products by headhunting rockstar executives, who tend to do more talk than they do work.

  • We have direct access to factories. Our purchasing office is strategically situated in the Pearl River Delta, the world's baking oven of cool electronics and gadgets.

  • We get excellent rates. Electronics' lifespan tend to be short and as a result, prices go down fairly quickly. By placing ourselves physically close to our suppliers, FastTech can source products everyday, to get the latest gadgets at the greatest prices for customers.

  • We enjoy our jobs. FastTech sets itself apart from typical workplaces in the industry by creating a workplace that is open, modern, and comfortably fast paced. FastTech serves open beverage and snack bars, empathizes equal opportunity, offers fair pay and advancements, and treats its staffs well in general. The positive vibes tend to show through our work.

How is free shipping possible with such low prices?

Small orders ship via Airmail and are delivered to your doors by your local postal system. For example, orders sent to the United States are delivered by USPS, Canada by Canada Post, UK by Royal Mail, Netherlands by TNT, etc.

Postal shipping systems can sometimes be slow during holiday seasons. That's why FastTech also offer Global Express shipping options as an upgrade during checkout. In ballpark, free shipping typically delivers in about 2 weeks after shipment, while Global Express delivers in 3 to 5 working days.