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+ Vanilla Android 4.1.1 + Pre-installed Google Play, Facebook, Youtube etc + UI language defaults to US English on first boot + Snappy UI response (fast dual-core CPU)
- Only 4.9GB out of 8GB is available for user data - The included AC adapter has an annoyingly bright green power lED on it
Initial boot was over 40 seconds, but subsequent boots take only slightly over 20 seconds.

The device boots up with a brief "Google TV" logo, but note that it's not a real Google TV device and thus you can't use Google TV Remote to control it. The funny thing is the ROM has Google TV Remote built-in, wonder why you'd need a TV stick to control another TV STB.

The ROM is highly vanilla -- customization is minimal, if any at all. A number of commonly used apps are pre-installed, including Facebook, Youtube, the Play store, Chrome, etc., and no bloatware is in sight. With these apps pre-installed, the stick literally works right out of the box.

Jellybean runs very smoothly on the dual-core CPU. Default partitioning on the device reserves almost 2GB for the system, which should be more than enough for all foreseeable system updates.

Upon initial boot, the system defaults to the highest resolution your TV supports -- which is usually 1080p @ 60fps for modern LCD/LED Hi-Def TVs. You can easily change this in Android settings though. A full developer's menu is available in settings, which is expected. There is no over- or under-clocking menu built-in though.

The stick feels pretty solid in hand. It has large vents on both sides. After an hour's use of a CPU intensive P2P video streaming app, the stick became only a little warm to the touch.

The included HDMI to mini-HDMI cable is pretty solid as well. The only minor issue is the LED status light on the included AC adapter. Extruding from the adapter's top chassis, the bright LED is visible from almost every angle. This can seriously "light up" your movie night. Luckily, a small piece of duct tape covers it right up -- you can probably think of a better solution.

This is a really handy, and nicely built device. It's smooth, and it's got a modern and decent OS (Android 4.1.1) -- a definitive recommended buy for everyone.
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