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- built in stand - two flame modes - side fill valve - nice pinpoint solid blue flame - strange ignition button which could also be a negative
- fill valve leaks a little when filling - strange ignition button which could also be a positive - can only ignite in torch mode
This device really works. I wish the air control switch was a valve dial instead of a switch so you can control the torch flame color and temperature before going to normal flame mode. But this is okay as it is for my purposes. The bottom ignition switch could be a positive or negative for some users. The idea is while you are sliding the ON switch up with your thumb you can jab the device on the table or your leg to ignite. It's not hard to press. The side fill valve is convenient so you can just lay it flat on the table while filling. It leaks a little while filling but that could just be my canister not providing a good seal and I have lost my plastic adapter ring to fix the issue. Overall I really like it and it's a very good purchase.
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