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+ most have a great quality + nice size + axislock work well
- could be a little bit cheaper
If you want a great knife, solid and a good quality, I will recommend two knives: The Ganzo G704 or the Enlan EL01.
I have a few of both (all models of the Ganzo G704 - different handle colors. Ordered min. 3 of all colors and round about 7-8 of the black). All have a great built quality, only one has a little bit bladeplay, which can not removed (the reason, why the knife get a built quality of 9 not 10) and a few come with small light straches on the blade (it's satin and easy to notice, but if you use it for 3-4 weeks, you will have a few more scratches). The holster is ok - not a great quality, but it wors good.
Most Gnazo knives and many Enlan/Bee, sanrenmu will fit, too.
The price is ok, if you want a great knife (HK made a great design), but if you compare it with the Enlan EL01 or the old price I paid 2013, the price increases.
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