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Lightweight Good appearance Small size Flexible battery option
European charger
This is what I've been looking for in a ecig. Small size with a replaceable battery. This mod take 14430 or 14500 batteries. The manual says a 14650 will also fit. The aluminium tubes screw in and out to telescope out to fit the different size batteries. The tubes have a loose fit with no battery but snug up for a sold feel once the battery has been fitted. There is a vent hole in the bottom end cap.
5 clicks of the ego style button turn it on or advance the voltage selection. The LED lights in red for 3.4V, red/blue for 3.7 and blue for 4 volts. In 14430 mode, it's slightly longer than a 650mah ego, in 14500 mode it's a little shorter than a 900mah ego. Wider than an ego it fits great in my hand. I have not used the clearomizer in the kit yet, it's a CE4+ with 2 extra coils. I had to put out the spring a little to get good contact with the included ICR 14430 battery. I'm also using it with a flat top efest 14500 which fits just fine.
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